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Best Louisiana Lawyers

The legal system in Louisiana is different from the other states of the U.S. There are separate lawyers for representing different types of legal problems and it is advisable to consult a specialized lawyer instead of a general attorney. For instance, the medical malpractice lawyers deal with negligence by health care professionals. Thus, lawsuits regarding these cases should only be handled by the specific lawyers.

The laws in Louisiana were initially based on Napoleonic code or the Roman law while the rest of the American states follow the English common law based on court precedent. Hence, in case of filing a lawsuit in the Louisiana State, it is necessary that the documents and other legal statements need to be written in certain specified formats.

There are extensive databases available at various sites, giving information about lawyers. To find a good lawyer in Louisiana is not a very difficult proposition. There is a Louisiana lawyer locator service, which is useful when searching for a lawyer of the client’s choice. It is easy to find lawyers dealing with different types of cases by surfing the Internet or consulting friends. The interested person can also seek the advice of fresh law graduates about competent lawyers and their fees.

When selecting a lawyer it is essential to select one of experience as well as one with a successful track record. The lawyer should be one who the client can easily trust and discuss the case with. It is important to remember that the lawyer should feel the same importance for the case as his client. It is also advisable to get a written contract, after selecting the best lawyer for handling the case and settle the charges so that there is no misunderstanding in the future that makes their personal involvement a sticky affair.

Choosing a Good Divorce Lawyer

Choosing a good divorce lawyer is important if you believe that you may be facing a divorce. Every state has hundreds if not thousands of lawyers available for hire; however the best legal counsel that you can consider when facing a divorce, is a lawyer that specializes in divorce cases. Knowing how to find a good lawyer that can help is also important, so there are some things to keep in mind when searching for one.

The first step in choosing a good divorce lawyer is to search online and read reviews about lawyers in your area. When you know family or friends who have been through a divorce, they are more than happy to recommend their lawyer when they had a good experience. Reading reviews and getting recommendations is always a good way to learn about how lawyers have treated their clients.

The second step in choosing a good divorce lawyer is to search for lawyers by their area of expertise. General practitioners have a law degree, but they typically only handle small claims cases, and are not familiar with all the fine details that are involved in a divorce case. The lawyer that you choose should be knowledgeable of the laws from the county and the state regarding any divorce case.

The third step is to narrow down the attorneys in your area, and read their reviews. Once you find two to three that are in your local area, it would be wise to make an appointment for a consultation. Once you meet with a lawyer you will know where you stand with your case and if the lawyer believes they can help you.

Meeting with a lawyer for a consultation is important because this is a good time to ask them questions regarding your case, and how they believe they might handle it. The lawyer needs to know what troubles you and all aspects of the case so that they can answer these questions. Make a list of things that you might want to ask before you go, that way you will be better prepared.

During the consultation you will find out whether or not you are comfortable talking with this attorney. This has a lot to do with whether or not you hire them. You should feel comfortable with any attorney you hire because your case is important, and will affect the rest of your life. Part of choosing a good divorce lawyer is knowing whether or not you can talk to them just like you would a friend.

Hollywood Loves A Great Criminal Lawyer

Court room dramas, whether real or fictional, are something that have always gripped the public’s attention. And when Hollywood is involved, you can be sure there will be a star made out of the criminal lawyer, whether this be a fictional character in a movie or TV show, or a real lawyer defending someone connected to Hollywood.

Perhaps it all started with Atticus Finch. In 1962 Harper Lee’s classic Pulitzer Prize winning novel was adapted into a movie starring Gregory Peck as Finch. To Killing A Mockingbird won 3 Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Gregory Peck. There are many lawyers who say the reason they went into law was because of Atticus Finch. An honorable, moral and honest man, he agrees to defend a young black man in a racially divided town in 1930’s Alabama, who is accused of the rape of a white woman.

More recently Matthew McConaughey played the lawyer Jake Brigance in A Time To Kill, a role that propelled him from an unknown actor into the film star he is today. In a similar theme to To Kill A Mockingbird, a young white family man defends a black man, though this time it is in modern-day Mississippi. The black man, Carl Lee Hailey, who was played by Samuel L. Jackson, killed two men who had rape his 10 year old daughter.

The movie is a based on a novel by John Grisham, who has written some of the best books about lawyers, and was in fact a criminal lawyer himself. The Firm, The Client, The Pelican Brief, Runaway Jury and The Rainmaker are just a few of his other books that have been hit movies.

Johnnie Cochran, who died in 2005, was not a fictional character. This real life criminal lawyer though was perhaps as famous as any character we saw in a movie. He was brought into the public eye during the infamous trial of O. J. Simpson where he was part of the team that was responsible for the defense and acquittal of Simpson for the alleged murder of his ex-wife Nicole. After the O. J. Case he went on to represent a number of other celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Sean Combs and Todd Bridges. He has been parodied in many movies and on television, and even went onto appear as a guest star in a few TV shows including The Hughleys and Family Matters. For a time he had his own show, Johnnie Cochran Tonight, which ran on CourtTV.

Even a socialite like Kim Kardashian, really owes her fame to a criminal lawyer. Her late father, Robert Kardashian, was also a part of the O. J. Simpson defense. He and Simpson had been friends for twenty years, and he went as far as re-activating his inactive law license to aid in the defense of his friend.

It is thanks to the television shows The Practice and Boston Legal, both created by David E. Kelley, another former lawyer, that the world got to meet two TV icons, who happen to be criminal lawyers, Denny Crane and Alan Shore. Crane, played by the evergreen William Shatner is an aging legend in Boston law, while James Spader’s Shore is a wild card with very few scruples, but lots of principle.

Great Referral Business As a Lawyer

Lawyers that choose to hang their shingle and practice law “solo,” or with one or two partners have so many choices when it comes to marketing their business. It seems that no less than 10 times per day, I am receiving calls from someone wanting to help me get to number 1 on Google searches; optimize my website; or send me “qualified” leads. I turn them all down. Why? I choose slow marketing by building my business by referrals.

A referral is the highest compliment that any small business owner can receive from a client. When it comes to lawyering, the rules don’t change because we too, are running a business. A happy client will send more happy clients. Besides, the cost of a referral is nothing beyond the first happy client.

Remember that legal skills will pay the bills, but it is building trust with your clients that will bring in more clients. Clients must be treated with care and compassion and be more than a paycheck. This is the foundation for building a law practice centered on relationships and referrals.

Oh, and by the way, if you needed legal advice or had a family member who did, do you have a lawyer you would refer them to? I want to be that lawyer for you, your family and friends. Lawyers normally spend thousands of dollars advertising their services via television, radio and online “pay-per-click” advertising so that they can bring in large volumes of clients. Clients are then treated like a paycheck and run through the process whether it’s estate planning, bankruptcy, divorce, or civil lawsuits.

You will easily recognize a lawyer that works by referral. These lawyers take their time to get to know the person that referred them and find ways to thank them for referring a new potential client because this is the highest compliment that a lawyer can receive. These lawyers make sure their client knows how they work by referral. The client receives the highest level of service and personalized attention from their lawyer before, during and after their legal relationship with their attorney.

Bringing a good name to the legal community through educating clients with caring, compassionate service sets a high standard for the profession. All the lawyer asks in return for such personalized “red carpet” service to each client is that their client sends them people of comparable quality like themselves, who may need the type of legal service their lawyer provides. It’s important that clients continue to refer people so that the lawyer doesn’t have to spend their time and resources on traditional advertising, so they can continue to do an even better job working for their clients long after their professional relationship ends. When was the last time you called and asked a question of your lawyer without getting a bill?